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The Four Hosemen - Metallica
In The Last Few Days - Vampire Division
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If Today Was Your Last Day
It's End Of The World (And I Feel Fine) - REM
It's Not The End Of The World - Super Furry Animals
The Future Ain't What It Used To Be - MeatLoaf
To The End Of The World - Cazok
Devastation - Hania
The Final Countdown - London Symphony Orchestra
Nothing Else Matters - Apocalyptica
Who Wants To Live Forever? - Queen
The Show Must Go On - Queen
Don't Fear The Reaper - Blue Öyster Cult

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The Child Poets of Gaza.

2011-09-15 06:07:08 by HaniiPuppy

I'm just going to leave this here: olocaust%20Palestinians%20Children%20o f%20Gaza%20Speak.htm

Witty responses.

2011-08-16 05:19:41 by HaniiPuppy

I can just see myself in 23 years, 2 months, 17 days, 4 hours, and 43 minutes, being quoted Churchill to.

"You know, Churchill once said that an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping that it'll eat him last", and I'll reply "Yes, but someone who jumps in head first is an appetiser".

And they'll be surprised at how fast I was able to come up with such a witty response to that unexpected quotation, and wondering how I did it.

How? How?! HOW?!? I'll tell you why, because I'll have been waiting twenty five fucking years to puke that line up, waiting for someone to quote that exact Churchill quote, and possibly the only quote I have a pre-prepared comeback to. It took you fucking long enough, I was thinking no-one was ever going to use that quote. No-one! And why not? Are Churchill quotes too obscure? Are they perhaps too snobby for you? Well fuck you, you're not my real son anyway, you adopted bastard. Go to hell.

Or maybe I'm just planning an incie wincie bit too far ahead.

This is a blank newspost

2010-09-30 18:51:51 by HaniiPuppy

It certainly is.

Pokerstars' 50 billionth hand?

2010-09-13 12:10:30 by HaniiPuppy

Pokerstars is claiming it's 50 billionth hand today. I just did the maths, and for Pokerstars to have had 50 billion hands (giving each hand a VERY generously short 20 seconds), Pokerstars would have had to have had an average of at least 3,787,925 tables at any given moment.

Given that just a couple of years ago they were celebrating their 20 millionth member (giving each table an average of 5 players, assuming that every single account belongs to a different person and every single player was on all the time), I find this ever so slightly improbable.


2010-09-06 13:01:34 by HaniiPuppy

I hate people who say things like "you young people need to stop swearing so much, you're not impressing anyone." I am wearing knackered cargoes, a t-shirt with more holes than you've had hot dinners, and only just moved out of shoes that have been worn so long, they were nought but thing rubber and cloth held together by a shoe-lace. Do you honestly think I'm trying to impress you? I'll swear because I want to swear:- because there's been some predicament or happening of circumstance that warrants my emotion, be it through anger, confusion, enjoyment, etc. and I feel the need to express that emotion. Sometimes, there isn't even a normal word for something without sounding like a 5 year old for things - when I go to the toilet, I don't take a poo, I take a crap or a shit. Sometimes swearing is merely used to colour language in the same way that eloquence or intricate language use is. Where would poetry or storytelling be if we all stuck solely to simplified standard English?

Fucking idiots ...

Never buy anything from halfords. They'll fuck you over with things that break every couple of weeks, insurance policies that constantly bring up the phrase "Oh, our plan doesn't cover THAT part of what you bought", blatantly lie to you not being able to get parts because you "need a specific piece from a bike that's discontinued" (even when you can still buy it from their website), and every so often slip a surprise cost into your repairs despite them being under their shoddy warranty plans.

I have a problem with online arguments.

You know how, often, intelligent debates online will often turn into annoying flamewars and pointless name calling? Well I'm the opposite; I somehow manage to get involved in random flame wars on the net and turn it into intelligent debate covering both sides' points and views. And you have no idea how annoying it is to end up in an intelligent debate with someone who, just the day before, you referred to as a racist scumbag who you hope dies unloved and alone at the age of 30.

The end of times

2010-04-29 15:54:09 by HaniiPuppy

Moses did say to the Israelites: Take thy feet and run, run to the corners of the earth and beyond, for when the time comes, you shall be tasked with leaving this plain on a journey to a new, glorious heaven - for there will be no more earth worth living in; and that time is upon the hearing of the most dreaded phrase herd through magic devices: "Hi, I'm Boxxy."